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After reviewing the exercises page and becoming familiar with all the various movements, you’re ready to begin the Physical Training sessions!  Each workout below opens a new page with a brief written overview of the session along with the corresponding training video.  I complete these workouts with you in single-cut videos, directing you as we move from one exercise to the next with a 30-second break in between.  There’s no splicing or fancy editing to give me any extra breaks.

They start fairly easy and quick, while both the intensity and duration increase as you progress through the program.  Feel free to take extra breaks if necessary.  Simply pause the video for as long as you need, and start up again when ready.

Ideally, you want to successfully complete each week’s workout 3 times before moving on to the following week’s session.  Take at least one day off between workouts.  Start with the Intro to PT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week, for instance.  If you can keep up with the video and complete all the exercises with no additional breaks on all 3 training days, you’re ready to move on to Week 1 PT.   Do that successfully for 3 training days, and you will be prepared for Week 2 PT.

If you have to take extra breaks, stay on that week’s workout for as many times as it takes to get it right.  Some people might repeat the Week 5 PT for 3 weeks in a row (9 times in total). Each week builds on the prior week’s workout, so you don’t want to skip ahead.  You would only cheat yourself, and set yourself up for failure.  There is no shame in repeating a week.

Your strength and endurance will develop simultaneously, and I will push you harder as we move on through the program.

On your “off days”, if you’re itching for more physical activity, feel free to mix it up with cycling, rowing, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, running, swimming, surfing, pilates, yoga or anything else that you enjoy.

Introductory PT
Week 1 PT
Week 2 PT
Week 3 PT
Week 4 PT
Week 5 PT
Week 6 PT
Week 7 PT
Week 8 PT
Week 9 PT
Week 10 PT
Week 11 PT
Week 12 PT

Burnout PT (NON-STOP Exercise Routine with NO BREAKS)


Consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. User assumes all risks and liabilities for injuries or other adverse affects that may result from the application of information found on this site.