Stay Motivated!


In order to get the most out of this program, it helps to track your progress.  Your physical fitness will evolve in a number of different ways, from your weight and circumference measurements to strength and endurance.  Your resting heart rate and recovery will also likely be affected.

Before you start the program, and then on the first day of each month thereafter, take a picture of yourself in the same swimsuit, and take the following measurements:

weight: ______
chest, level with nipples: ______
waist, level with belly button: ______
midpoint of right bicep, muscles flexed: ______
right thigh, standing, ten inches up from kneecap: ______
resting heartbeat, after sitting still for 15 minutes: ______
max number of push-ups to failure: ______
max number of sit-ups to failure: ______
heart rate, 3 minutes after sit-ups: ______

Some months you will notice significant fluctuations in weight or inches, other months the biggest change will be in your physical performance or your heart rate.  Be aware that when you first begin exercising, your weight may in fact increase.  This is because you are building muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat.  Many people experience weight gain paired with a loss of one to several inches at the waist in the first month or two.

The pictures will generally take the longest to demonstrate a noticeable change when people first start to work out, but if you continue to exercise regularly, once the change is visible, it will accelerate over time.

Feel free to submit before and after pics to the site, by emailing with your first name if you’d like to be included on our Results page.  You can crop your head out of the picture if you want to remain anonymous, or not.  Up to you.