PTworkout.com is your online resource for PT workouts, to be performed anywhere… anytime. Whether you are preparing for military boot camp, a law enforcement academy, or simply want to dramatically improve your personal physical fitness level, you’ve come to the right place.

What is PT?

PT is an acronym for Physical Training, a category of exercise programs comprised of military-style calisthenics designed to increase strength, endurance and mobility. PT employs the use of body weight resistance rather than machines or freeweights, and therefore can be performed almost anywhere.

Who can benefit from PT?

Almost anyone. PT improves physical fitness levels by developing muscle tone and cardiovascular health. Results include weight loss, improvement in body composition (muscle vs fat), and the release of endorphins frequently referred to as the “runner’s high.”

What is Burnout PT?

In a word, intense. Burnout PT sessions are advanced workouts, requiring sustained effort despite the buildup of lactic acid and the resulting muscle “burn”. Burnout PT’s goal is not only to improve physical endurance, but to instill the ability to separate the mind from physical discomfort.

Are these the right workouts for me?

The answer to that is, it depends.  If you value your time like I do, if you are committed to improving your physical fitness like I am, if you are willing to push yourself harder than 90% of the general population in order to dramatically increase your strength, stamina, lean muscle mass, oxygen efficiency, metabolism and cardiovascular health like I am, then the answer is YES.

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind spending hours per week at the gym (not to mention travel time), cannot deal with being uncomfortable, cannot commit to putting forth your maximum effort, have not been cleared by your doctor for strenuous physical activity, or are looking to end up with a muscle-bound physique like Arnold in his prime, then the answer is NO, look elsewhere.

These workouts are usually 15-20 minutes, demand your best efforts, and can be quite uncomfortable.  They burn fat like crazy, and while you’ll add muscle, you won’t bulk up like you would from targeted weight lifting.

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